National Geographic Journeys: Canadian Polar Bear Experience (NCPNG)

Countries Visited: Canada
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Service Level: Upgraded
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    Physical Demands Rating: 2 - There'll be some light walking and hiking. Suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.
    Group Size: Max 25
    Meals Included: 5 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
    Accommodations: Not Availaible

    Take part in a historical tour of Manitoba Conservation's polar bear holding facility, visit the Eskimo Museum, witness the northern lights, experience a full day of polar bear-viewing by Tundra Buggy, enjoy a picnic on the tundra

    Imagine watching polar bears in the wild alongside a naturalist expert from Polar Bears International, one of the worlds leading organizations dedicated to protecting these amazing animals. The opportunity is yours on this six-day adventure in the vast wilderness of the Canadian Arctic. Sit down to a picnic on the tundra and opt to go dogsledding through the regions breathtaking landscapes on a one-of-a-kind wildlife adventure.
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    G Adventures
    Offer valid through 6/30/2018
    6 Days
    Escorted - Yes
    Day 1WinnipegDay 1 Winnipeg (1D)
    Arrive at any time. Meet your CEO for a welcome dinner and group meeting. Additional Notes: Our joining hotel is located at the Winnipeg airport as we have an early start the next day. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
    Day 2ChurchillDay 2 Winnipeg/Churchill (1B)
    Churchill is a small, northern community with a lot of character; big-chain hotels or gourmet restaurants won't be found here. Visitors will, however, find warm down-home hospitality and clean, comfortable hotels with all the amenities. Staying in town allows you to walk to and from different venues, spend some time on your own, and, perhaps, meet some of the locals. Churchill is located along the treeline of the northern edge of the boreal forest, and attracts arctic and boreal species of wildlife, birds, and plants. Commonly seen species include arctic and red foxes, arctic hare, caribou, gyrfalcons, snowy owls, ptarmigan, and, in the summer (June-Aug), beluga whales. Additional Notes: Its unwise to wander the streets of Churchill at night as bears occasionally enter the town. Local vehicles and houses are usually left unlocked, so if you do meet an animal, then take cover immediately in a calm and orderly fashion. Polar bears are predators and should never be approached on foot. Dont be tempted to feed the bears, it is punishable by an instant fine and its also extremely dangerous. Included Activities: Eskimo Museum Town and Historical Tour Transport: Plane (2.00 hour(s)) Private Vehicle
    Day 3ChurchillDay 3 Churchill (1B, 1L)
    Polar bears begin to swim ashore in mid-July. In October they begin to gather in numbers along the coast, waiting for pack ice to form over the Hudson Bay, at which point the bears disappear in search of seals. Churchill's `bear season' begins in early October and lasts until early November. Known as the "Lords of the Arctic," these spectacular animals are massive with the average male polar bear growing to more than 600kg (1,320 lbs) and standing 3.05m (10 ft). While large, they are surprisingly quick and have great agility. The bears have a highly acute sense of smell and are skilled hunters - able to pick up a scent from more than 30km (19 mi) away. They can even detect the presence of seals under 3 ft (.9m) of snow and ice. Polar bears have no natural enemies and no fear of other animals (including humans). Included Activities: Polar Bear Excursion Polar Bear Conservation Event Transport: Tundra Buggy
    Day 4ChurchillDay 4 Churchill (1B, 1L)
    Enjoy a free morning to visit some of the local shops or opt to take a dog sledding excursion or helicopter flight. After lunch, visit the Parks Canada Interpretive Centre for an educational presentation about the National Park Service and its history in the Churchill area. This evening, enjoy an informal talk with a local from Churchill who will talk about what life is like living in a far north, remote Canadian town. Additional Notes: The helicopter and dog sledding optionals are weather/condition dependent and may be switched to other days for availability. Included Activities: Parks Canada Experience Far-North Local Life Talk
    Day 5WinnipegDay 5 Churchill/Winnipeg (1B, 1L, 1D)
    Enjoy a second excursion in the tundra in search of polar bears and northern wildlife. We are joined by a species expert from Polar Bears International who will share their expertise on polar bears and their habitat. In the evening, fly back to Winnipeg for our final night. Included Activities: Polar Bear Drive Transport: Tundra Buggy Plane (2.00 hour(s))
    Day 6WinnipegDay 6 Winnipeg (1B)
    Depart at any time. Included Activities: Departure Day

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    Local Flights: Local flights from Winnipeg to Churchill and return are included.

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